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The Puppy Kit

Your first choice for his first needs

The PUPPY KIT will help you offer him the best start in life! Offer him the best nutrition, for an optimal development and health, and discover all the essential informations about how to take care of your beloved puppy with the help of the Puppy Guide.

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This gorgeous cheeky little bundle of fur spares no effort in charming his owner and exploring his environment. However, this budding adventurer, who wants to discover and above all taste everything, is still a fragile baby. This is a crucial period for the puppy, and he needs your protection in order to grow up safetly. Rest assured that you can trust Royal Canin to provide the best health nutrition available to get your new puppy off to a great start toward a long and healthy life. Enjoy the adventures and pleasures of life with your new puppy!

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Raising a healthy, happy puppy requires time, patience and planning. As a new puppy owner, you’ll be making many decisions that will impact his health and behavior in the long term. There are so many things to consider, such as choosing the right food, providing the best training and keeping your puppy in optimal health. To help you navigate the joys of raising a new dog, we are delighted to offer you this PUPPY KIT.


Growth is a distinct period in the puppy’s life. Day by day and week by week, he undergoes changes and, whatever his size or breed, a close eye must be kept on certain sensitive aspects of his development. The Puppy Guide will offer you valuable information about nutrition, grooming and hygiene, training and the basic rules for a healthy living, in order to help get you and your new puppy off to a great start together.


Your puppy  needs long periods of rest and protection to help him grow up safely. His immune and digestive systems are still immature, and his new owner will want to give him the best for his future health to ensure his safe and harmonious growth. This is a crucial period for the puppy, which demands high levels of energy and affects his adult life. His diet during growth must meet his individual needs and still be perfectly balanced, with no excess or deficiency, along with ultra-high quality nutrition and optimal safety. The Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition range, dedicated to puppies, meets all these demanding criteria perfectly.

All PUPPY KITS contain one Royal Canin package of dry food, selected according to the age and the size of your dog, one can of mousse adapted to the age of the puppy and a Puppy Guide, along with Vouchers.

  • 800-1kg Royal Canin Junior Product (VCN Junior Small Dog 800g, VCN Junior 1kg, SHN Mini Junior 1kg, SHN Mini Indoor Junior 800g, SHN Mini Starter 1kg, SHN Maxi Junior 1kg)
  • 1 Starter Mousse or 1 CHN Junior mousse 195g
  • 1 Puppy Guide
  • Vouchers for FREE CHN cans 

Helping your puppy grow up safely and well

A puppy’s food not only has to supply him with energy, but it also has to build and maintain the body’s cells to support digestive, joint and aging functions. To fulfill these objectives, his diet must be precisely formulated to meet his specific nutritional needs. Quantities of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates must be exact, neither too much or too little. A high-quality, nutritional food, meeting the demands of Health Nutrition, will combine just the right amounts of all of these nutrients. If fed nutrients in the wrong proportions, your puppy could suffer from major nutritional deficiencies or excesses, resulting in improper growth and possible long-term damage to his health.

  • Guaranteeing his digestive security, thanks to highly digestive proteins (L.I.P.) which ensures excellent digestibility for a still immature digestive system.  They provide the essential nutrients for muscle growth, and a combination of specially selected fibers, that encourages good digestive transit.
  • Optimal intake of energy. Royal Canin’s nutritional answers for puppies offer the optimal content of energy, adapted to the growth stage and according to the requirements imposed by his size. The mini dogs have different requirements compared to the maxi dogs.  Moreover, a precise rationing will help avoiding any overweight during growth.
  • Helping him build his natural defenses. The protection transmitted by the mother’s colostrum gradually tails off before his immunity is boosted by vaccination (this period, between the age of 4 and 12 weeks, is called « the immunity gap »). Vitamins E and C and specific nutrients (lutein and taurine) help the puppy building his immune system during this crucial period.
  • Giving him just the right amounts of minerals. It is a common belief that large puppies need extra calcium to help their bone ossification. In fact, too much calcium can result in joint troubles. The optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus supports the healthy development of the joints and bones.
  • A high level of palatability. In order to ensure an optimal growth and the correct feeding, Royal Canin recipes have been developed in conjunction with vets and breeders. Exceptionally palatable, even the fussiest dog prefers them! 
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Each size has different nutritional needs 

Size Health Nutrition range dedicated to puppies meets all their nutritional needs, based on their size and specific sensitivities: it is known, for example, that large puppies have a more sensitive digestive system than the mini size puppies ; and that small breeds grow rapidly in just 10 months, while large dogs take between 18 and 24 months to reach adulthood. Giant dogs build their skeleton until they are 8 months old and then enter a phase of muscular development for 8 to 24 months. Their dietary needs change, so their food must as well.

  • Mini Junior: from weaning to 10 months old. For puppies that will weigh between 1 and 10kg at adulthood.
  • Medium Junior: from weaning up to 12 months of age. For puppies that will weigh between 11 and 25kg as adults.
  • Maxi Junior: from weaning up to 15 months old. For puppies that will weigh between 26 and 44kg at adulthood.
the puppy

Watch out for excess weight!

A plump puppy may look cute, but he is at risk of overweighing on his joints if he gains too much weight. The portion recommendations on pack are a very precise guide, and he shouldn’t eat between meals. Any treats should be taken out of his daily food ration.

Nutritional quality above all

Royal Canin has developed Health Nutrition for the well-being of dogs and cats. This approach is very demanding : impeccable quality, rigorous raw materials and systematic checks at every stage of production are inbuilt. Dietary safety, and particularly for very sensitive puppies is an essential element of Health Nutrition.

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