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The Kitten Kit

Your first choice for your kitten's first needs!

The KITTEN KIT will help you offer her the best start in life! Offer her the best nutrition, for an optimal development and health, and discover all the essential informations about how to take care of your beloved kitten with the help of The Kitten Guide.

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Grace of motion, softness of coat, mischievous unpredictability... The promises of an affectionate and knowing presence are already there, ready to bloom. As the only one in charge of his animal’s health and well-being, man owes it to himself to know his kitten’s true needs among which nutrition is an essential element. This is a crucial period for the kitten, and he needs your protection in order to grow up safetly.  Rest assured that you can trust Royal Canin to provide the best health nutrition available to get your new kitten off to a great start toward a long and healthy life. Enjoy the wonderful pleasures your new kitten will bring.

The Kitten Kit


As a new kitten owner there are many things to consider, and some very important choices to help keep your kitten healthy. To help you navigate the joys of raising a kitten, we are delighted to offer you this KITTEN KIT. 


Growth is a distinct period in the kitten’s life. Day by day and week by week, the kitten undergoes changes and, whatever the size or breed, a close eye must be kept on certain sensitive aspects of the development. The Kitten Guide will offer you valuable information about nutrition, grooming and hygiene, training and the basic rules for a healthy living, in order to help get you and your new kitten off to a great start together.


The growth period is the most important stage in a cat’s life. Not only do they learn their future behaviors, but their body is molded into their eventual shape and size. Many factors influence growth and good nutrition plays a major role. While a newborn kitten has a digestive tract suited to the digestion of milk, their digestive capacities will evolve until they can no longer digest lactose (milk sugar). For proper growth, they must receive balanced quantities of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the form of a type of food that suits the physiological and digestive characteristics of felines. The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition range, dedicated to kittens, meets all these demanding criteria perfectly.

All KITTEN KITS contain one Royal Canin package of dry food, selected according to the age and the size of your dog, one can of mousse adapted to the age of the puppy and a Puppy Guide, along with Vouchers.

  • 400g Royal Canin Kitten
  • 1 Pouch of Kitten Instictive 85g
  • 1 Kitten Guide
  • 200P vouchers
.Europeen Shorthair

Helping your kitten grow up safely and well

Between the fourth and twelfth week of life, the immunity transferred to the kitten in their mother’s first milk (colostrum) gradually wanes. At the same time, their own immune defenses are not yet fully functional. Specific nutrients during this period can help protect your kitten against infectious diseases. In addition, as their muscular and skeletal systems continue to develop, they have very high energy requirements. To fulfill these objectives, the diet must be precisely formulated to meet the kitte's specific nutritional needs. Quantities of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates must be exact, neither too much or too little. A high-quality, nutritional food, meeting the demands of Health Nutrition, will combine just the right amounts of all of these nutrients. If fed nutrients in the wrong proportions, your kitten could suffer from major nutritional deficiencies or excesses, resulting in improper growth and possible long-term damage to the kitten's health.

  • Guaranteeing her digestive health. During the growth period, the kitten’s digestive system remains immature and continues developing gradually over several weeks. An exclusive combination of nutrients helps support the young kitten’s digestive health and contribute to good stool quality. Highly digestible proteins (L.I.P*), an adapted fibre content including psyllium and prebiotics promote a balance in the intestinal flora.
  • Healthy growth. The balanced content of highly digestible proteins (L.I.P*), vitamins and minerals of the KITTEN formula helps support growth. It also meets the energy needs related to this intense growth period.
  • Helping to build the natural defenses. The protection transmitted by the mother’s colostrum gradually tails off before the kitten's immunity is boosted by vaccination (this period, between the age of 4 and 12 weeks, is called « the immunity gap »). The complex of antioxidants and prebiotics contained in the KITTEN formula help support the kitten’s natural defences.
  • A high level of palatability. In order to ensure an optimal growth and the correct feeding, Royal Canin recipes have been developed in conjunction with vets and breeders. Exceptionally palatable, even the fussiest kittens prefers them!

Each breed has different nutritional needs 

Each breed has own characteristics which result in specific nutritional needs. Thanks to its knowledge of the cat’s real nutritional needs and its close and active partnership with a network of breeders, Royal Canin’s Research & Development has launched Tailor-made Nutrition which is specifically adapted to meet the needs of each breed and their age. Feline Breed Nutrition is a concentration of technical expertise created to maintain health, vitality and well-being everyday.

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Watch out for excess weight!

Follow the guidelines recommended on the bag, as this will help prevent excess weight gain, which could affect the kitten later in life. If you think your kitten is over or underweight, consult your veterinarian for specific feeding recommendations.

Nutritional quality above all

Royal Canin has developed Health Nutrition for the well-being of dogs and cats. This approach is very demanding : impeccable quality, rigorous raw materials and systematic checks at every stage of production are inbuilt. Dietary safety, and particularly for very sensitive kittens is an essential element of Health Nutrition.

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