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Does your cats prefer chunks in tasty gravy ? Are you happy to mix wet foods and kibble, like 65% of European cat owners? Do you also want to make sure the food is highly nutritious and tastes great?

Today, thanks to a new range of wet foods from Royal Canin, cats can benefit from the same top quality in chunks as in the brand’s kibbles. Royal Canin’s Feline Health Nutrition range now includes a range of very high quality wet foods developed along the strictest principles of Health Nutrition : the same stringent selection of raw materials, the same very high digestibility, the same concept of formulas based on precisely selected nutrients rather than ingredients.

The result is that cat owners no longer have to choose between wet food or kibbles, because Health Nutrition is the only choice to make!


Instinctive in gravy, the natural choice for kittens and adult cats! 

For kittens, between 4 and 12 months, for an optimal growth and health. Easy to chew and very palatable, encourages the kitten to eat and develop corectly. Its formula, specialy created to meet the nutritional needs of the growth stage, helps support the natural defences of the kittens.

For cats which prefer soft food, Instinctive provides them with all the essential nutrients they need to stay in ideal shape ; its formula encourages good urinary function and helps the cat remain at its ideal weight.  For cats which instinctively prefer this type of food, Instinctive is their natural choice, because of its specific Macro Nutritional Profile.


Royal Canin Health Nutrition is now available to all cats, whatever they prefer : wet or dry foods ; those who find it difficult to crunch (young kittens, senior cats) ; and those whose owners are used to mixing dry and wet foods together.  There is no longer any need to compromise on Health Nutrition quality !

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