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Is Your Dog Ready for Your Workplace: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

If your company is celebrating “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” then you’re in for loads of fun. However, if you’re thinking about taking your own dog in, you should make sure you and your dog are prepared. Here are five questions you can ask yourself to make sure your dog is ready for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

  1. Is your dog typically good at meeting new people? What about new dogs? If your dog is a social butterfly and loves meeting new dogs and people, then your dog will do great. However, if he tends to be anxious and scared in new situations, then it might be better to leave him at home. A new environment already means new sounds and smells your dog will have to get used to. Adding in new dogs and new people may only serve to make your dog more scared and nervous.  If you want to get your dog acclimated ahead of time and give an office visit a try, see if you can bring your dog in after hours or on the weekend. That will help him get acclimated and feel right at home when he comes in for the work day.
  2. Is Your Dog housetrained? If you’ve got a puppy that needs to go out every hour on the hour, they may not be a great candidate for coming into work. In our work day, things come up or meetings run long and you might not always be able to stick to the schedule your puppy needs.  The last thing you want is for a puppy to pee on the boss’ new shoes!  An older housetrained dog will be able to more smoothly integrate into the workday schedule – plus there’s less chance of an accident.
  3. Is Your Dog vaccinated? This is probably the most important thing you have to check before you bring your dog into the office. Improperly vaccinated dogs are at risk of both spreading and contracting diseases, and pet health and safety needs to be the priority. Talk to your vet before you take your dog in to make sure your dog has the right vaccinations and is ready to go.
  4. Will You Be Able to Focus? This seems like an easy question to answer, but it’s not always the answer you think! Some dogs love affection and attention. If you think your dog might take up too much attention and keep you from being able to focus, then maybe it’s better to leave him at home. However, if your dog is content to just be by your side, there are some real benefits to having him around!
  5. Does Your Dog Obey Basic Commands? Dogs that aren’t good at following basic commands may not be good participants for Take Your Dog to Work Day. Even under the best of circumstances the best trained dogs can be distracted. If your dog tends to be anxious, worried, or stressed in new situations – it’s a given those tendencies will be multiplied in the work place.

Paws In!

All in all, Take Your Dog to Work Day can seem like a breeze. But beyond the novelty of having your pet with you, there are some tangible benefits for companies that have Take Your Dog to Work Day or pet friendly offices. Some studies have shown that having dogs in the office reduces stress, increases productivity and moral, and helps create a better work life balance. In fact, a recent study from Central Michigan University found that groups that had a dog present during a collaborative exercise rated teammates higher on measures of trust and team cohesion than groups that didn’t have a dog present.

Visit Your Vet

If you’re thinking about celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day – check with a vet to make sure your environment is safe and your dog is prepared. Your vet will help you get the basics ready for your dog and make sure they are well suited to the office environment.

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