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How It's Made: Food for Allergic Pets

Our Veterinary Dermatology range is an essential component in the diagnosis and ongoing management of cat and dog food allergies. So it is vitally important there are no contaminants that could trigger allergic reactions, specifically protein. 

We focus on protein because all the research says that is what causes an allergic response in cats and dogs.

To begin with, we close our factory down for 48 hours, during which 14 employees clean every point in the line for 8 hours. Then specific laboratory testing is undertaken to ensure there is no protein contamination. If any are found, the cleaning process starts again.

Once the factory has been given the all clear, production begins. We always sacrifice the first batch of food to reduce the risk of contamination even more. When we’re sure we’ve done everything we can to eliminate protein contamination, that’s when we start making our Veterinary Dermatology range.

We start with our range for the most sensitive pets – Anallergenic. Every batch is laboratory tested during production to ensure it meets the strictest standards. This makes Anallergenic pharmaceutical grade food. After the production of this diet, we produce our other diets formulated for food allergies: Hypoallergenic and Sensitivity Control.

Now you can see why we like to say ROYAL CANIN® - Incredible in every detail.

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