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Dogs that Constanty Beg

Dogs are known for their begging behaviors, but there are some breeds with a reputation for eating just about anything.

You may or may not have one of those dogs, but it’s important to know that most dogs will try begging behaviors – and it’s our job to stop them. The trick to stopping a dog from begging is to not give in and work with your vet to devise a feeding plan to keep your dog’s appetite satisfied.

Here are a few ways to help nip begging in the bud: 

All Food Must Stay in the Bowl

If you have a begging dog, only allow them to eat the food that is in their bowl. The second you start offering them food outside of their bowl, they become accustomed to receiving that food and know that you’re willing to give it to them.

The one exception to this rule is during training activities for positive reinforcement. This is okay because of the behavior that gets your dog the food. If your dog sits on command, that’s worth rewarding, but if your dog is begging you for food, that behavior should be ignored. 

Is Your Dog Getting Enough To Eat?

Some dogs, especially  Labrador Retrievers, are famous for their voracious appetites. With certain kibble shapes, they’ll just inhale the food without even chewing! As a result, your dog might not feel satisfied. Find a food with a big enough kibble size that encourages your dog to chew and with enough fiber so that they stay full between meals. It’s also important to consider changing up their mealtime schedule. Spacing their meals out throughout the day and feeding them less at each meal might also help reduce begging behavior between meals.

Talk to Your Vet

Your veterinarian is a great resource to help you understand how your dog’s diet can affect their
quality of life. Work with your vet to develop a plan that will keep your dog feeling satisfied but also provide them with the nutrients they need.

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