About Royal Canin


Corporate Responsibility

Knowledge and respect have always been the foundations on which we have built ROYAL CANIN®. While this has been a driving force in the way we address pets and pet nutrition, our philosophy doesn’t stop there. As world citizens dedicated to the betterment of all, we are committed to conducting our business with the keenest attention to quality, social responsibility and environmental friendliness. We understand that it is only on the bedrock of these ideas that we can treat performance, people and the planet, with the respect each deserves.


We endeavor to create a favorable and positive work environment with a focus on the safety and growth of our associates. We encourage development and diversity within our teams and our “team before the individual” approach is a key value that contributes to our success.


By using sustainable raw materials and implementing new packaging methods, employing green technologies and committing to aggressive corporate environmental policies, ROYAL CANIN® is well on target to reducing its gas, electricity and water consumption by at least 3% per year and the generation of zero landfill waste.


We work very closely with our stakeholders, vendors and partners to adhere to the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our linked businesses. This enables us to consistently focus on raising our performance and effectiveness right through the logistical and value chain.

We audit our suppliers regularly to ensure that our pet foods’ safety, traceability and quality standards are properly met. Every one of our production facilities is held to the same manufacturing standards. By being intensely demanding, we ensure optimum quality and safety for the pets we serve.

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