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Nutrition for Mini Dogs

Nutrition for Mini Dogs

When it comes to nutrition for dogs, size matters! Dogs of different sizes can vary in growth rate, life expectancy,energy needs and digestive capacity, all influencing their nutritional specification. So at Royal Canin we provide nutrition tailored to the needs of dogs as affected by their size.

Your puppy is a giant! That is, in the special category of dogs weighing over 45kg when they are adults. Steadfast and faithful, these largest of dogs can take up to two years in some cases to reach adulthood, and are susceptible to digestive and joint sensitivity. So Giant dog nutrition must help to support a healthy digestive function and maintain mobility.  

Your Giant puppy’s diet is designed to account for these special characteristics from an early age, as well as providing a moderate energy content to support the Giant dog’s exceptionally slow and sustained growth period. All your puppy needs to do is enjoy it!

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