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Week One

My puppy first vet visit

My puppy first vet visit

It’s a good idea for your puppy to have a check-up when they first come to live with you so that your vet can make sure they’re healthy, arrange for necessary vaccinations and advise you on worming and other recommended treatments. Get more information on finding a vet and what will happen in that first visit here…

Now that you have your new puppy you’ll want to build a good relationship with your veterinary practice. Regular checks help to keep your puppy healthy as they grow and ensure that they get used to going to the vets. You may already be familiar with a local vet or friends maybe able to recommend someone. It is important that you find the right practice for you so ask around and maybe even pop in to see what services they offer –some practices run puppy parties or have a pet grooming service for example.

Make sure you register your puppy at the practice as soon as you can, in case they need to be seen urgently, and keep a note of the vet’s 24 hour emergency number. When you register, make an appointment for that all important first check-up.

So what will happen at your puppy’s first vet visit?

  •  A thorough assessment to make sure that they are in tip-top health and have no sign of any impairment
  • Their first vaccination, unless this has already been done, which will help to protect your puppy against some serious infectious diseases.
  • Most puppies will need worming regularly so the vet can administer treatment if necessary and advise you onwhich products to use.
  • You can discuss lots of other subjects such as flea control, micro chipping, pet insurance, neutering, diet and training.

You may be worried that you won’t remember all the information but don’t worry. Many practices have leaflets about these subjects and they will be happy to answer your questions so don’t be frightened to ask if there is anything you are unsure of.

Your puppy might be a little overwhelmed at first – after all, there is a lot for them to take in as well, what with all the new smells, people and experiences. However, with a few cuddles from you and the practice staff they will soon start to feel more relaxed. If your puppy still seems a bit nervous at the end of the visit, try to take them back to the practice regularly, especially if it is just to say hello in the waiting room.They will then begin to realize that there is nothing to fear and if they are happy to visit the practice when they are well, they will find it much less stressful as an adult or if they are ever poorly.

This first trip to the vet will hopefully be the start of a great relationship with your practice that could last throughout your puppy’s life, helping you to keep them in the very best of health.

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